Monday, July 25, 2011

Park City Regatta, Bridgeport CT

Fighting Cancer on the Water

This weekend the Roadshow had the chance to participate the Park City Regatta. The biggest thing that has stood out about PHRF sailing all summer is it's diversity and popularity. On any given day at any particular club, the PHRF community is pulling out tons of great sailors and racing opportunities. Overall it seems that PHRF events are about improving your sailing through a community of friends; who won't hesitate to tease you about a bad start, or joke with you about a poor spinnaker dowse at the regatta party. The cool thing is, how many other sports rely on competitors to be the best coaches and pals? 

On top of all that is the diversity the PHRF racers are able to include. In all aspects of sailing one typically finds a strong sense of community- but this is especially true of PHRF sailing. Usually very welcoming but keeping the competitive edge, the PHRF sailors are at the heart and bulk of what makes sailing a great sport. The Park City Regatta was a perfect example of that spirit this year. The Roadshow had a great time on and off the water.

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