Sunday, July 3, 2011

Just Off The Water

Phew! After watching a couple races from the media boat, I had the chance to jump into one of the Extreme 40's with team Niceforyou.

Boarding with the Italian men on an all-Italian boat, the only words of advice were to hold on and watch your head. Not sure if they occasionally spoke English out of politeness, but everything sounded a little more dramatic and a little faster in Italian. The moment we were up on one hull- I knew I was along for a ride. It's hard to explain the feeling of watching another multihull boat coming at you full speed, but we made it through the race unscathed. Having my mandatory helmut and lifejacket was comforting but the main lesson learned for the day- it's hard to feel cool on a boat when you're the only one wearing a helmut.

Boats of Race 6 are crossing the line with crowds cheering at this moment- time to go get some more coverage!


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