Sunday, July 24, 2011

Corinthian Spirit at Yale Corinthian

We knew it was going to be a hot day when our glasses fogged up when stepping out of the truck. Caught in the massive heatwave, outside of our air-conditioned vehicle, extra sunscreen was going to be a must at Yale Corinthian. However the people and the program at Yale were great, making the day bearable in the extreme heat.

Knowing it was going to be difficult to expect too much of the kids while thermostats climbed to 105 degrees, we aptly chose the day to do a flip test. With paddle boards, Bics and the club's normal 420's, we rotated boats to flip. Even towing paddlers behind a 420 or just clinging onto the back of a boat was fun enough and we let the morning pass.

The afternoon racing crowd was able to fit in quite a few races and some swimming too.

It was fun to be at the sailing center with college coaches, several of whom are currently students at Yale. The facility and scenery are quintessential New England landscape and the perfect nook for competitive college sailing as much as a fun junior program.

Simple and direct, the summer program at Yale Corinthian is about getting kids on the water and letting them experience it. Get the kids rigged, do some sailing, do some races, do some swimming, enjoy being on the water and in the sun.

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