Saturday, July 2, 2011

Climbing the Ladder

So say you're a hotshot Opti, Laser or 420 kid. You've been getting more involved in racing, and have been testing yourself against good sailors from your area... but something is missing.

I'm totally loving this awesome, incredible, fantastic sport, you think to yourself. But maybe I'm not 100% ready to go dominate the big regattas just yet... where can I get warmed up first?

Which brings us to the Junior Olympic Regattas. Not too big, often packaged with racing clinics, and stocked with talented junior sailors, these events are great ways to develop skills, boost confidence, and have fun. The J.O.'s are also a great stepping stone to the prestigious US SAILING championship events, and even the US SAILING Development Team.

I personally did a bunch of these events as a young Laser sailor, and they always numbered among my favorites.

(Plus, if you get on the podium, you get a really cool US SAILING Junior Olympic medal. Excellent for demonstrating to sailing and non-sailing friends alike what a beast you are. I'd definitely recommend you go get one.)


To Discuss the J.O.'s a bit more, the Roadshow also caught up with venerable college/junior/Olympic coach Mitch Brindley, who helped out at a racing clinic which preceded the Hampton Yacht Club Junior Olympic Regatta this weekend:

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