Sunday, July 17, 2011

Coaches Corner: Games

In the past few weeks Will and I have seen the range of kids and coaches; and all of the requirements that comes with different groups. Everything from holding a kids hand who has never been near water before, to advanced racing clinics, to our AlphaGraphics team sharing their thoughts on coaching. Overall, coaching is a difficult but rewarding job if done right. In light of these experiences the Roadshow Crew is opening up a Coaches Corner to help coaches talk about techniques, tips, and useful ideas for coaching this summer.

The other day at Larchmont Yacht Club we were inspired by the range of games the kids were playing on and off the water. No matter what, the kids were always involved in some sort of activity with coaches supervising and participating. Does anyone remember playing Mafia growing up? Capture the Flag? Ultimate Frisbee? How about tug-of-war? Or who can jump the farthest? Or who can bounce a ball the highest?

Coaches also shared with us the game Rocks and Logs, where each kid has to pretend to be a rock or log. First person to move loses!

A favorite game on the water among kids and coaches is tag with a tennis ball- where a kid tosses the ball into another boat to tag someone. However, coaches working with disadvantaged or special needs kids are hesitant about games that involve throwing objects. Any ideas for an alternative game?

My favorite on the water game as a kid and coach has always been Follow the Leader. What are your favorite games? I always prefer the simplest, old school games, but what sailing games have been popular this summer?

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