Thursday, July 14, 2011

Empire State Sailing

"We are one of the largest growth engines for sailing in the country. If you do not know what we do, you should." These words, given to me before our visit by Manhattan Sailing Club Commodore Micheal Fortenbaugh, could not have been proven more accurate. The program, centered around one of the most visually dramatic patches of water in the world, offers a truly unique, and truly American, sailing experience. On what other racecourse do you have to account for the wind shadows of Ellis Island and The Statue of Liberty? Where else can you observe sailing races from a custom-built floating clubhouse, complete with bar and live commentary? Sitting on the upper deck, your eyes are torn between watching the action unfold, and seeing the sunset light up Lower Manhattan. There is simply nothing like this place. Anywhere.

The staff at Manhattan Sailing Club are working tirelessly to transform New York Harbor into a true sailing hub, and by all indications are succeeding with style. If you live in New York City, New Jersey, or Connecticut, you really need to get down to North Cove Marina and check it out. For an in-depth profile, see Brooke's blog post below.

North Cove Marina, Lower Manhattan

We were fortunate enough to sit down with two senior staff members, and get a clearer picture of all the activity going on:

Manhattan Sailing Club - Instructors Hans Jensen and Kate D'Alleva at Liberty State Park by US SAILING

Kate and Hans

The clubhouse, "The Honorable William Wall," at dusk

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