Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Olympic Day - Inspiration Guaranteed

Olympic Day
Community Boating Inc. of New Bedford
June 28th, 2011

A New Bedford Community Boating sailor enjoying a US SAILING Roadshow O'Pen Bic. The Kids began the day by sailing over to Fort Taber (New Bedford, MA) to meet the Olympians!

 Olympians Carol Cronin (L) and Amanda Clark (R), and Paralympic 
Gold Medalist Maureen McKinnon-Tucker (center) greet the kids.

Amanda telling the kids about her emotional reaction to getting 
"USA" emblazoned on her hull in 2008. 

Hanging on every word.

Maureen relates how she and skipper Nick Scandone dominated the SKUD-18 
Olympic Regatta in China, clinching the gold medal a day early. 

Kids piling around Maureen to get a glimpse of her medal.

There are few objects in the world with a greater power to inspire.

A fantastic day wraps up at Fort Taber! Time to say goodbye to Amanda, Carol and Maureen, and sail back to Community Boating.

-Will and Brooke

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  1. thank you again for coming to visit us! Is there a place I could go to see all the pictures from that day?