Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Day at DC Sail

Today was a beautiful day to be on the water in DC. Located just next to DC's Tidal Basin and the Jefferson Memorial, the center that used to be named the National Maritime Heritage Foundation is now the spiffy, new looking sailing center simply dubbed- DC Sail.

DC Sail is a great little foundation tucked away in the docks of DC. In a town that tends to not utilize it's access to the water, DC Sail has somehow nestled itself right in the heart of the city. And it's community are definitely a reflection of the broad reach DC Sail has been able to build.

Sailing under the Washington Monument at Sail DC

The program is unique in it's ability to reach to all parts of the city. DC Sail works to motivate experienced and novice sailors in DC, no matter where they're coming from. In a learn to sail camp, less privileged kids have a chance to learn how to sail for a week. After just a week the kids were above and beyond our expectations of ability, a few of them were even able to jump into O'Pen Bics and sail them without a problem. Clearly they are learning- and fast!  In the evening the center converts to perfect center for adults to jump in the boat and some racing. As banter flew from boat to boat, it was clear DC Sail has become a hub for sailors in DC who need a fleet and some buddies to hit the water with. 

During a break where we caught lunch, Will and I were joined by the DC Sail Chairman, Jim Muldoon. Mr. Muldoon is one of those sailors with a twinkle in his eye, and not only tries to give back to the sport but has an appreciation for those who do it too. Mr. Muldoon clearly sees the need to develop sailing in DC which is his home, and has taken action with DC Sail to make it happen. Whether it's providing a venue for DC sailors who would normally have to commute to Annapolis or teaching programs, DC Sail  is operating on all levels to get DC on the water. 


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