Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Blog that Will Doesn't Want Posted

As one can see, Will and I have been back in Newport getting ready for our next trip. However, while we had a little bit of time, we had the chance to take on a slightly different job... as Vineyard Vines models!

We met the Vineyard Vines crew at Sail Newport at early morning hours to get through the photo shoot before anyone would need to go sailing. Will and I were handed our Vineyard Vines "products" which was an odd experience changing into new clothes where I usually go to change into spray gear. Soon enough the Vines art director had a chance to look through our trailer of toys, and decided that Will and I would look best on a paddle board and in one of our O'Pen Bics.

Will took the paddle board and I launched the Bic, a little too conscience that the khaki shorts were not going to hide wetness like my normal sailing gear. Will on the other hand was finding it difficult to "fake paddle" in his snazzy pink (or Salmon) shorts.

Yet the shoot went on. At the photographer's direction we sailed all around the "boat field" in front of Sail Newport and after awhile it wasn't too bad. Furthermore, I think we learned a new appreciation for modeling. Apparently, sailing a Bic at 6:30 in the morning and making it look like a casual afternoon cruise is a little harder than it sounds. Yet the coffee kicked in and thanks to the humor of our Vineyard Vines photographers we made it through the morning with more than enough smiles (some real and some fake). Once we wrapped up we headed out to a great breakfast with our new friends from Vineyard Vines and called it successful, if memorable morning.


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