Monday, June 13, 2011

Newport Shipyard: The World's Greatest Toy Store!

So perhaps you're looking to upgrade from your trusty Rhodes 19. Or maybe you're finding that life aboard the old Laser has lost its spark? Well look no further! We found several nice options for you down on the waterfront today...

For the Traditionalist: The J-Class Yacht.

Representing the height of America's Cup elegance, the J-Class boats were built by the finest naval architects, and raced for the world's oldest sports trophy. These titans competed not only for the pride of individuals, but that of the entire marine industries of America and Great Britain. In the eyes of many, nothing more beautiful has ever hit the water. (And the Roadshow will be on hand later this week when two of them, Velsheda (GBR) and Ranger (USA) race off Newport!)

For the Adrenaline Junkie: The Volvo Open 70. 

Seventy feet of carbon fiber awesomeness. Nothing onboard is unnecessary. Every bolt and beam is geared towards getting you around the world FAST, and (hopefully) in one piece! These things just always looks like they're in motion, even sitting pierside. 

A brave dude climbs up to the top of the VO 70's mast:

For the Budding Astronaut: Rambler 100

What do you get when you take the VO 70 and stretch it 30 feet? What is probably the world's most powerful monohull, designed to crush a fistful of speed records. Just jaw-dropping. A mighty freight train of a boat. 

So what would you choose? Beauty or power? Sweeping curves or razor-edges? When I asked one J-class crewmember if he'd trade me his behemoth for my Laser, he gave me a big smile and an emphatic "Yes!" Food for thought, to be sure. But these boats still make for a truly majestic sight.


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