Saturday, August 6, 2011

Photos From The Buzzards Bay Regatta

More coverage yet to come! Day three is tomorrow, with high winds forecast.  -Will

Natalie J, ex Bright Star, a N/M 46, the sweet ride of Mass Maritime Academy's Offshore Sailing Team. The boat has previously won the Newport-Bermuda, Chicago-Mac, and Figawi (2011) races.

Day 1, waiting for breeze. Unnatural sight on usually windy Buzzards Bay.

Day 1: Breeze fills in! Game on!

Day 1: Party time at New Bedford Yacht Club

Day 2: Locked in combat in PHRF Division 1

Day 2: Disaster! The mainsail clew blows up in spectacular fashion while we are leading race 3.

Day 2: Reefed, cut, tied, sheeted, and back in the race! Excellent crew work by the cadets.

The sail rips a second time, ending our day during race four (which we were also leading). A lighthearted photo before this particular sail is taken down for the last time ever. 


 A portion of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy Offshore Sailing Team.

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