Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Offshore Priorities: Massachusetts Maritime Academy

This week, in a fitting theme for early September, the Roadshow will be visiting several scholastic sailing programs. In honor of this, I thought it would be a good time to look back at a college team that played a big role in an earlier stopover:

Located in the great state of Massachusetts, MMA has been churning out world-class sailors for over a century. As is the case at other service institutions such as the Naval, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine Academies, sailing is an integral part of the curriculum. I was privileged to race with the MMA Offshore Sailing Team earlier this month, and got some insight into how learning to work as a team onboard a racing boat helps these men and women prepare for their future careers at sea.

Having a continuous supply of highly skilled merchant marine and naval officers is vital to our country's continued security and prosperity. If you have a boat (especially an offshore racing sailboat) that you are thinking of selling, please consider donating it to MMA's excellent program. You will be making a big difference in the lives of these cadets.


Click here for more pictures of my time with MMA, including the dramatic loss of our our mainsail mid-regatta!

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