Sunday, August 21, 2011

Foundation-Building In Jamestown, RI

Running a sailing foundation seems like a challenging, albeit rewarding, occupation. Spreading a passion for the sport to new people, and especially to kids, could easily be considered the highest privilege of any sailor. Starting such an organization almost from scratch, however, seems like a task of an entirely different magnitude.

Not one to be daunted, Conanicut Island Sailing Foundation director (and 2004 olympian) Meg Myles has stepped up to the plate in Jamestown, Rhode Island. While many of her counterparts spend their days poring over spreadsheets in an office, Meg seems most comfortable waist-deep in the ocean, helping young sailors push off the beach.

A principle reason why the US SAILING Roadshow exists is to get the word out about energetic and often unheralded efforts to enrich the sailing community. After seeing over sixty kids leave the Fort Getty (Jamestown) beach wearing big smiles, I'm definitely a true believer in the future of CISF.


Hear from Meg herself about the present and future activities of CISF:

Interview with Conanicut Island Sailing Foundation Director Meg Myles at Fort Getty by US SAILING

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